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Scott & Bre White have been married since 2012 and soon after added three children to their growing family, Ava, William & Ivy. They attend church each Sunday and enjoy helping with the youth group on Wednesday's. They both enjoy fitness and being outdoors as much as possible. Spending time together as a family is what brings them the most joy. 

In 2013, Scott decided to go out on his own and start SAW Creations. He previously built cabinets with his dad as a side gigs, but quickly realized he loved being creative and wanted the freedom that comes with working for himself. Scott is a self taught carpenter and takes great pride in building pieces that will stand the test of time. Scott has an eye for detail and stands by every piece of furniture and cabinetry that leaves the shop. He is also passionate about his walk with the Lord and bowhunting.

Bre spends most of her time homeschooling her children, organizing all of their activities, keeping SAW book work up to date, caring for the home and occasionally getting away with friends. She enjoys growing her faith for the Lord, raising Godly children, serving others when possible and traveling.


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