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It has been YEARS since we wrote a blog. It definitely isn't our strong suit (that's building things out of wood, with our hands!), but why not try to better ourselves, right? We want to be transparent and share our journey, in hopes of creating a lasting relationship with you, our followers!

So, here goes.

When people think of SAW Creations, I hope they think of the top quality wood work, furniture and cabinetry that comes out of our shop. Or think of Scott or Zach, our main builders. Maybe even Chazni our awesome designer or Cody, our sander/dovetailer/helper in she shop! I, personally, try to fly under the radar and keep the spotlight on the guys and Chazni.

But, for the sake of transparency, my name is Bre, and I have had the privilege of being married to Scott for the past 11 years. (Where does time go?) I keep our taxes, insurance and all other bills paid, bookkeeping up to date, bellies full, house in tact, schedules in order & kids educated (yes, we homeschool, for 3 years now).

These are not small tasks, especially if

you know how energetic Scott is. I went and made three small children with him (all are just as energetic as he is), started a business and built an incredible life with the ball of energy. I would not trade ONE single thing about our life together, but mama is tired. HA!

I'm going to brag on him now, so be warned. I'll keep it G rated. My main job is to be in Scott's corner. Always! He is the most humble, kind, generous, talented, driven, energetic and loving man. To know him IS to love him. He does not know I'm writing this, and I'm sure I'll get "the look" or "Babe, you can't post that!" from him, but I'm a rebel like that.

After being in this business for the past decade, raising babies all the while, and taking on homeschooling, I haven't had a lot of "down time". I don't brag on Scott or his craftsmanship as much as I should. I only share this with you, to get our WHY out to the world. There are still so many people in our area that do not know about SAW Creations, our story or how we are different from other "custom cabinet" makers. I plan to change that in 2023.

For the first time in a decade, we want to focus on GROWING our business. Scott has been intentional with his time, and always is, over the past years with things like, starting our business, finding work, learning new woodworking skills, being an avid bowhunter, being an incredible father, husband, friend, brother and growing his relationship with Christ. But now, he wants to change our business trajectory. And more than anything, I want to help make that happen for him. For us. We want to leave a legacy for our children. Teach them how to work hard, EARN their wage, how to run a business, have a face-to-face conversation with someone (no screen to hide behind), and how to be honest, genuine & trustworthy.

Growth doesn't necessarily mean we want more money to pad OUR pockets. To us, its different. It means GIVING. Giving more to our employees and their families. Growth means hiring additional teammates. Growth means helping others more frequently. Growth means creating opportunities to share/help our community. We are passionate about GIVING, not just growing.

So, if you want to join us in our giving, or to just follow along, please share our first of many blogs with a friend looking for custom cabinetry or furniture piece. OR share it to your story and help us in spreading our "why". We will continue to share more about our journey, growth, family, employees, shop happenings and the nitty gritty of why we're different.

Bre White

SAW Creations

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